FREE safety visit by local firefighters


The Queensland Fire and Emergency Service urges all Queensland residents to make their homes safe by booking a free Safehome visit to help develop an emergency evacuation plan and reduce fire risks in and around your home.
House fires are more likely to occur throughout the winter months and it is advised that residents develop and practice an emergency evacuation plan now.
People can help reduce the risk of fires by booking a free Safehome visit through the QFES Safehome program.

A Safehome visit is conducted by trained firefighters and provides residents with a checklist to help them make their home fire safe and assists in making a fire evacuation plan.
Most people have fire risks in their homes and a typical 45-minute Safehome visit can identify potential hazards that put lives at risk.
It is important to sit down with your household and plan how to get out of the house quickly in an emergency.
A house can become well involved within minutes and every second counts when exiting the home at the first sign of fire.
Create a plan identifying all possible exit routes, making sure you cater for all members of the household, including the young, elderly and disabled.
An emergency evacuation plan also needs to detail a safe assembly point outside of the home where all members of the household will meet after evacuating.
It is important for all members of the household to practice the plan to make sure there are no shortfalls or obstacles and for children to have the plan explained to them clearly.

If you are renting, tenants should book the visit and not lessors/agents.

Have you booked your free Safehome visit with ‪‎QFES‬?
Safehome is a QFES initiative designed to help all Queenslanders make their homes fire safe. Firefighters will visit you for around 45 minutes at home and help you to recognise fire and safety hazards, correctly position smoke alarms and discuss fire safety concerns. You can book a visit by phoning 13 QGOV (13 74 68) or online.